Guilt-free Dinner Date (English)

It’s been a while! This absence has done some justice, as I’ve been mentally committed to shape this blog and find some purpose within it. Hard sometimes, but it’s been fun giving myself the opportunity to stay creative and prepare some cool stuff to share.

A week ago I was invited for dinner on a lovely summer Friday night. Choosing a healthy option out there was mandatory (and rather difficult!) so we decided to hit Delight, a nice, small, casual spot in the middle of downtown Santo Domingo specializing in fresh, guilt-free plates.


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Lunch and Dessert Treat (English)

Hi everyone! Certainly, routine has not allowed me to finish this post properly, days go by very fast and a few minutes here and there to finally share with you a recent afternoon date to a bakery & coffee shop in this city. I’ve wanting to go there for a long time and was finally taken by my boyfriend for a lunch + dessert treat.


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Carla + Ignacio (English)

To be honest with you, I felt a strange combination of confusion, many emotions and (at the same time) some peacefulness when Carla got engaged (she’s my childhood friend and one of the best!). Like everything being a dream. Truth is, when you grow up with someone (Carla and I met in 4th grade but we became best friends during our college years) and you start realizing that you are both “adulting”, you’re just baffled.

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