Guilt-free Dinner Date (English)

It’s been a while! This absence has done some justice, as I’ve been mentally committed to shape this blog and find some purpose within it. Hard sometimes, but it’s been fun giving myself the opportunity to stay creative and prepare some cool stuff to share.

A week ago I was invited for dinner on a lovely summer Friday night. Choosing a healthy option out there was mandatory (and rather difficult!) so we decided to hit Delight, a nice, small, casual spot in the middle of downtown Santo Domingo specializing in fresh, guilt-free plates.



Disclaimer: I am not a food expert, these are only friendly recommendations based on my personal experience. Please communicate thoroughly about any food allergies and this post is not sponsored by San Pellegrino nor the restaurant itself.



Loving these lamps! The vibe of this place gives you all the feels. The menu offers a variety of healthy smoothies, perfect for that pre or post workout and for the calorie junkies, all plates have their calorie and macros listed.




If you’re more into food tasting, sparkling water + lemon is always the best way to go (cleans your palate). Our appetizers were these fresh spring rolls with purple and white cabbage, carrots, arugula and chicken with soy sauce to dip.



For his entrée, this is the Honest plate: pork filet stuffed with dry tomatoes, feta and ricotta cheese, sweet potato mash and peanut butter. Honestly, heavenly!

And for her, a Curious ramen and zucchini noodles with grilled meat, fresh champignons and cherry tomatoes with Asian sauce, everything al cartoccio. Sorry, the picture doesn’t do justice, but it was very good.



Overall, it was a pleasant experience and you can walk out of this place guilt-free. The portions are fair enough to leave you satisfied (this place is not for big eaters!) and you can savor the freshness in every bite.


A full course experience for two (beverages, one appetizer, two entrees and shared dessert) will cost you around 1,800 – 2,500 DOP. If you’re on a budget, the smoothie bar or snacks are the best option to try out at this place.

Sending some love, see you real soon!

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