Carla + Ignacio (English)

To be honest with you, I felt a strange combination of confusion, many emotions and (at the same time) some peacefulness when Carla got engaged (she’s my childhood friend and one of the best!). Like everything being a dream. Truth is, when you grow up with someone (Carla and I met in 4th grade but we became best friends during our college years) and you start realizing that you are both “adulting”, you’re just baffled.

I offered my beautiful friend to shoot her engagement session to celebrate. She and her fiancé chose their wardrobe and I chose the location. I wanted to achieve warmth, softness, charm and complicity (we also had much fun biking around!).

Overall, I’m feeling pleased with the result, this session is so special because is my first portfolio-related shoot to launch myself as a photographer. I know I still have a lot to improve. I feel so happy for my friend Carla, as we have many memories together during good and though times. I wish nothing but the best for her, she’s very special. Enjoy the photos!




LocationZona Colonial, in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Save the Date” chalkboard design: Ana Ureña.

Bike rentals: Zona Bici.

Photos: Melissa Arriaga.

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