The Air Manifesto

The Air Manifesto

Imagery and creation to heal and progress…

My life is not better than yours. The vast and unapologetic world of social media often finds us startled then down to our knees, when sometimes we believe that we do not have the capacity to reproduce creatively and be a part of so many individuals finding and echoing their voices to share their beliefs with the rest of the world.

My beliefs and ideas are not better than yours. Most of us are vulnerable enough to either get inspired or stuck by never-ending stimuli of images, sounds, people, our surroundings. Anything can either fill us with insatiable energy or kill us by thinking life leaves us purposeless.

To heal and progress through imagery and creation. Slowly but surely, without stopping, we should never ever feel stuck. And even if we feel like it, we are obliged to become one with the pulse – the world – to become better in all aspects.

We must feel connected (as the world turns) with ourselves. Every action, progress, mistake. By choosing our beliefs and respecting others. By kindness, ferociousness and drive to reach our goals. By being environmentally responsible and conscious of our waste. By accepting and letting negative and positive emotions flow, being completely honest with ourselves.

By believing that is all worth it.